The Three R’s That Will Drastically Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing can be a challenge at times. It may seem nearly impossible to take your voice to that extra mile. By following a few simple techniques such as reading, relaxing, and reflecting it will drastically improve your writing skills.

In order to be a great writer you must also be a great reader. Dont limit yourself to what you read. “The more you read the more you know, the more you know the more places you’ll go” (Dr. Zuess). If it interests you, read it! If sparks a light inside of you, read it! If you don’t understand something, read about it. There is always something you can learn from just about anything you read. Reading increases your vocabulary and grammar skills.  Reading can be very fun; it can take you anywhere that you can imagine. I find reading to be very relaxing.

Taking a couple of deep breaths and relaxing  your mind before putting your fingers to the keyboard makes a world of difference. Many best-selling author’s incorporate a small meditation before writing. This can allow for you to be more clear and focused on the task at hand. By simply lighting a candle, listening to soft music or by saying some affirmations before starting makes the space around you peaceful. It is crucial to log off social media for fewer distractions. What ever you like to do to relax, do that. It makes a world of difference just taking that few moments to remove the distractions within and around you. The more conscious you are the more flowing your writing will be; it also limits you from wandering off topic.

Reflecting is a great habit to get into; writing in a journal is a great way to do this.  Incorporating personal experience is just as valuable as fact based evidence. Your readers will want to feel that what you are writing about you have experienced yourself. It makes your writing more authentic, and that you are writing from your heart. Reflecting back on what you’ve written in your journal saves the hassle of trying to remember events you want to write about. It is also wise to join a writing group. This is helpful because you can receive feedback and support from peers that share the same interest of writing. So when you reflect on your writing you can make changes that you otherwise may not have considered.

Although I am just a newbie writer, following these three simple R’s has drastically improved my writing skills. Reading, relaxing and reflecting has made my writing process a lot smoother. Also, with practice I have gained more confidence that my voice is one that is valued by others and not just myself.

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