The Blessing in a New Day

The world spines so fast these days not just physically but spiritually too. Our technology, has come the point where we almost are running out of things to invent. With the Internet there is so much more knowledge that is available to us just by the click of the mouse. What are we searching for? We are all unique so this question is for you to answer to yourself.

Life today is by no means mundane for most of us; there is so much effort needed to keep this place we call home stable. We dress ourselves and our children for the day. It seems we are always on the move and time seems to always run out, by the end of the day we are exhausted, and still had more that we needed to get done.

Some days become so hectic, that when we settle for rest our minds are on over load. We tend to over think, reliving past events or what we might do in the future. The good thing about the end of the day is its over, you did what you could and its time for resting and refueling through sleep.

The Blessing is the new day, we get to start over or continue where we left off yesterday. The best part of starting off my day is opening my eyes and looking out my window and see the world just as it is; not what I want to be. After I indulge in the simple things; like look up to grandfather sun coming up from the east, or the trees standing tall with no leaves this time of year, but that’s what Canadian living is about. The beginning of the day (not before I have had my morning coffee) it is that time to get on with the life and keep moving forward. It is a whole brand new page to write.

We get so caught up in the stresses of everyday life that it makes us devalue the greatness that comes from being alive and well. It took me a while to appreciate just the simple stuff. Once I realized this, it made the more interesting aspects of the day either, more significant, or less stressful how ever the day turned out. There is a lot that you can feel proud of if you just looked at the situation with humility. That what keeps us centered. when we can see both extremes but not indulge to much on either side of the coin.

The Blessing of a new day is also knowing that we are more effective when, we let go of yesterday, balance our day, and give ourselves time for self-care. When you are more interested in seeing the blessing and are grateful for what the Creator allowed you to experience. There is no time wasted and there is always more time to repeat a day if needed.



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