Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You

Has anyone ever written anything for you? Has anyone ever put their heart on a piece of paper that you can easily tear apart? This is written for you in hopes you see the beauty in your darkest hours.

The words just don’t come out right with conversation. So I am writing this one for you.I wish nothing but good to you and your loved ones. They say if you love something set if free if it comes back you know it was yours in the first place. The difficult part of loving is that most people don’t understand the concept of Love; it is seen more as a feeling than what it actually is… Love is a state of being.

If I didn’t tell you that I loved you then I would be lying to myself and the Creator, for the Creator says we must all love and keep one another. The Bible was meant to teach us what happens to the world when we stop loving one another. When greed takes precedence over kindness and compassion. We are not made to fear each other and form alliances seeded from injustice or hate.

Has anyone ever written anything for you? In all this madness of this world someone thinks of you and silently prays; watches you from the outside, only because you won’t let them in. All your successes and failures guess what; some one was cheering for you regardless. They did this because they know what it feels like to think that the world is against you. Although you may think it is weak to have a friend to rely on, that person is there when ever you look to them.

There has been far to much that hasn’t been written for you. Yet, there has been so much that has been written in to attempt to make you understand that these words are meaningless, if you never really appreciate the simple things in life. There is a blessing in these lines. For you see, I did not write this for you on my own. The Creator has used me as a vessel to spread his divine love unto you; with acknowledgement of the miracle that has transpired, you will see that someone has written something for you. But that someone wasn’t me.

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