Missing our Stolen Sisters

On my home it hit me, the intergenerational trauma I feel my sisters pain and their loved ones so brave to keep making a stand year after year for our sisters spirits that are stuck between worlds. The ones who never made it home.

As I stood outside in the bitter cold of this February 14, 2016, to honour our stolen sisters. I could feel their spirits around giving me shivers, the kind you feel when your hair stand on the back of your neck. Even though their time with us was short, their spirit touched so many lives in so many ways.

We have to let them go, tell them it’s okay to go on to star world, for if we do not they will stay between the two realms to comfort and protect us. The ones who have not been brought to justice in this life will be one day in the spirit world.

When we think of our sisters, we should not only think of the injustice of their destiny. But rather the good times, the way they made us laugh, or the way their eyes light up when she smiled. When we miss them they know, and they are hurting too, please say a simple prayer of I love you.

As a young man spoke of his sister today, he reminded us of the fact that our Indigenous men are hurting too. Because they feel that they had failed to protect us. We often do not hear of our warriors pain. There is too much violence in our communities, and it has to stop! Indigenous women are five times more likely to experience violence, and the violence that we endure is three times worse than any other race.

As this Valentine’s Day comes to an end tell the women in your life that they matter, and they are loved.


One thought on “Missing our Stolen Sisters

  1. Thank you Phyllis for making us more aware of the Strawberry Ceremony and the plight of the aboriginals. There were members of many communities there to support and honour all of you, and violence against all women should never be tolerated or ignored. The speakers were very inspiring and should be our near future leaders. Actually, I should say they are already leaders, and we want to hear more from them…at every opportunity.

    The beliefs and nature of indigenous people are so in tune with nature and harmony of nations and we will all have to come together, and join hands, with the you all to heal our society. I know many many Canadians from all cultures that will pray for justice, healing, acknowledgement. Our entire society needs to return to the innocent and wise and fair aboriginal teachings to be highlighted and lead us to unity now and in the future.

    Let us respect each other like brothers and sisters, and let the law apply to those who inexplicably have harmed aboriginals and were never investigated or arrested for their hateful crimes. A crime against the innocents is never justified and should never be tolerated. Wish you all peace and healing, and wherever you are, the light of your spirits cannot never be dulled. Thank you for this opportunity to draw attention and action towards justice. It was a privilege for us to join you all and we all learned so much. There was very much media there. We salute the spirit in all of you.

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