Fences. Where did they come from? Why do we have them? When are we going to tear them down?

Before the settlers came we had no fences. We could travel all of turtle Island and not have to climb these ridiculous things. The land was and still belongs to Mother Earth. If you really stop and think about it. It’s not the land that feels the affects of the division, it is the spirits of ourselves and animals.

I have noticed over the years the fences are getting higher and higher. As a child I remember the fence in my backyard, I could hop over it with just one leap. You could wave hello to your neighbor, have a conversation while having BBQ on a hot summer day.

Look at the fences now, most are almost over 6 feet tall, and not a chance that you can see your neighbor. If  our neighbor asks how are day was or what have you been doing, we automatically assume that they are being nosy or intrusive. As time passes we are becoming more and more disconnected to others more than ever. Why is it that we want privacy more than connection?

I wish we could go back to the time when we couldn’t survive without community. A time when we shared everything we had, no one was left without, where everyone had something to contribute and we cared about each other.

Fences cause wars, people have been conditioned to focus of entitlement. this is a disease and has spread so quickly and is killing and displacing millions. Colonization is not a thing of the past, it is alive and it is  very real.




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