Mistakes Made

I often make mistakes, but often learn from them rather quickly. Life has taught me not to dwell too much on what has happened, rather than relying on my own advice, I continue reliving them to the point that they are so hard to come back from.

There are some mistakes that I have made and no matter how well I have come to know the outcome, I still continue to make them. In hopes that there will be a different result.

Creator puts us where we need to be and I am exactly where he needs me to be. I feel him watch over me, but I also feel the devil lurking. When the Creator has his eyes on you so does the devil.

My devil appears harmless, tall, dark, with eyes that are so hypnotizing you lose all sense of time and reality in his presence. He has fire in his soul and swag when he walks.

The Devil is a trickster, he has his way of louring me in with little effort at all. Before I know it, I am in the confines of his charm. It always feels like home.

It won’t be long before he changes face. Once again the mistake is made… A lesson I once again did not see.


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