Little Things

There is somethings that are so special and significant to people that others take for granted. Life if full of delight, a fond memory in the making. I cherish my happiness, it’s the driving force to press on to do great things.

Life can be challenging or rewarding, depending on how you percieve the situation at hand. There is drugery everywhere if that is what you choose to focus on. There is also an emense amount of joy and prosperity too.

Learning how to shift your perception changes everything! The challenges you should be willing to work through is finding the good in every situation you encounter; the little things that make you sparkle. Life is way too short to find all the bad in a situation or person. We are meant to lift each other up not break each other down. If there is one thing that I have learned, it is not to live in a state of constant chaos. This can be the biggest down fall to your happiness. When you are truly in a state of happiness Creation has so much to offer and goals are attainable with ease.

Keep people around who bring you up, go out of their way to make you smile, at the very least don’t let others steal you shine. The light within is the most valuable thing to focus on; this is also the driving force for people you surround yourself with, be the light. Tend to it when it feels dark around you. It will carry you through the tough times.

It is important to dream big, but it is just as important to appreciate the little things that bring you Joy. This will fuel you to press on to the next level.

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