On ward I go

As I travel down a new path to the next phase of my life, I reflect on what I have let go and what needs to happen in order to make room for growth. It’s so hard to be the best version of yourself. Self love is what gets you through change.

It is necessary to hurt in order to heal, no one said, your journey would be easy. There is no self love with self discipline, they go hand in hand; can’t have one without the other. I recently learned that having control of your reactions is key, if you don’t you will continue a viscious cycle bitterness.

On ward I go.

As life unfolds just as the seasons change so does my intention of what I had planned. The dream or the great accomplishments I will achieve will far out weight the losses of today.

I am an Anishinaabe Kwe my ancestors are counting on me to make the next 7 generations to follow have a better chance of pursuing what ever is in their heart they desire. There is no time for self loathing. I am not here for long. One day too, I shall be my children’s, children’s ancestors. The cycle of life will continue. I will live on inside their hearts and souls.

I look up to the sky and only see a glimpse of the universe. I know how infinite the universe is; I know what my purpose is and that is why the universe works in my favour. We all plan our lives every detail we experience before we come into existence. All major or minor events, it all has meaning. Each and every experience is meant to teach you something new you didn’t know before. It also, repeats it’s self until you learn something from it. Whether it be the same or something new.

I continue to pray, love, heal and help others when I can. Universe I am excited to experience what you have in store for me next.

On ward I go….

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