Fences. Where did they come from? Why do we have them? When are we going to tear them down? Before the settlers came we had no fences. We could travel all of turtle Island and not have to climb these ridiculous things. The land was and still belongs to Mother Earth. If you really stop […]

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Who am I

Who am I? It took me 40 years to be able to honestly answer this question. The fact of the matter is that I never really took the time to ask myself this. I was to caught up in trying to figure out who everyone else was around me. The conditionings of my culture had […]

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Up Coming Events

Thursday, March 3, 2016, 5:30pm. Ryerson University. THOMAS LOUNGE, STUDENT CENTRE 55 Gould St.! Indigenous Student Guest Speaker. Topic of discussion: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.… Source: Up Coming Events

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Missing our Stolen Sisters

On my home it hit me, the intergenerational trauma I feel my sisters pain and their loved ones so brave to keep making a stand year after year for our sisters spirits that are stuck between worlds. The ones who never made it home. As I stood outside in the bitter cold of this February […]

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Climate Awareness

We all are enjoying the oddly warm winter we are having this year. Although it feels like a blessing we need to be aware of the affects it is having on other parts of the world as well as our home cities. I must admit that I am rather fond of this weather but this […]

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The Blessing in a New Day

The world spines so fast these days not just physically but spiritually too. Our technology, has come the point where we almost are running out of things to invent. With the Internet there is so much more knowledge that is available to us just by the click of the mouse. What are we searching for? […]

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What’s it All For

I sit alone staring at the four walls of my tiny one room apartment. Although it is a small place in this big city. It is a roof over my head and I am warm, life is good. I close my eyes and see clearly what the future has in store for me, love, peace, […]

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Be a Being of Service

When we are of service to other’s there is a powerful message we send out to the Universe. We extend the fact that we are all connected in some way, and that we are consciously aware of the web of life and Creation. We must take care of each other. The thought that we can […]

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